As part of our on-going commitment to protecting our customers against scams, we actively monitor the internet for fake websites purporting to be “City Beach Australia”. To this end, we have become aware of the existence of the fake website <> purporting to be “City Beach Australia”. There may be other similar sites on the web. We confirm the website accessible via the above domain is a scam website. Consequently, we have no control over, and are unable to guarantee the provision of any order’s placed through this website. Indeed, we have received reports from customers that orders made via this website haven’t arrived. If this has happened to you, please contact us at immediately with confirmation of your order details, including confirmation that the funds have been taken from your account.

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We take this opportunity to remind you, our valued customers, to always be mindful of the existence of fake/scam websites. Often, such websites can be identified via incorrect domain addresses (noting in this case the domain address for the false website incorrectly refers to “City Beach” as “City Bech”).

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