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Pint Night

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Every Thursday night in our Bar & Grill, enjoy a new local brewery during our Pint Night.  $4.00 draft pints or $5.50 for the glass plus beer.  Our happy hour menu and drinks make a perfect compliment.


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The Drawing Board

Monday, September 13th, 2010

It’s that time again, time for another update.  After much work, thought, planning, and scheming I do believe we have set forth a path that will be spectacular. The food offerings will be vast and unique, the flavors fresh, clean, and enjoyable. My poor wife has had to read each draft of the menu and suffer as I work out some dishes in our home kitchen. It’s definitely been a stretch well beyond my comfort zone, which is a true blessing for any chef, to get to learn and explore something new. Our basic tenets still hold true, we are guided by the principles of sustainability and global awareness. I’m talking to local farmers about using locally grown produce and herbs. All meat, pork, and chicken are from humane companies and all employees are fed and watered daily. At this point I don’t have a definitive date as to when this exciting new adventure will launch, but not too long.

NFL Sunday is here!! For the first one I’ll be cooking breakfast al a carte, then depending on the outcome, going to a buffet. Coming from a long career in hotels, I know a thing or three about breakfast buffets so some good stuff will be featured there.

Lastly and quite selfishly, My band The Refuzniks (I play upright Bass), out of Modesto is up for a M.A.M.A. ( Modesto Area Music Awards) and I’d love for my readers to go check out our music ( then go vote for us (

Thanks folks. Live Long and Prosper.

Chef Keith

A Few Words

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Hi Gang,

Chef Keith, the Food Guru here, how are you? Me? Well, I’ve survived 2 weeks with this amazing group of guys and gals. In the past week a lot has happened. The highlight had to be the appreciation party for our Rock Gym members. It was a feast!  I made: black bean cakes with tomato lime jam, Chai Tea caviar, mango cabbage slaw with chicken in a onion papaya marmalade topped with curry tomato foam, pumpkin ginger fritters, sweet corn fritters, and a filo topped apple crisp. All of these items were made from scratch using the freshest ingredients. I am getting really excited for the change over of our restaurant, the concept of “Beach Fusion”, and sharing the experience with the family is really taking on a life of it’s own. However, I am getting some complaints from folks about the items I’m creating….they taste too good so they are eating too much. Not a bad thing if I do say so!! Any questions or feedback anyone would like to give, please feel free, i’d love to hear from you! Be well, and remember ‘Food is Life, Life is Food, Respect it!”

Be well 

Chef Keith

Football Season

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Every Sunday we will be showing the NFL Ticket all day.  There will be a happy hour special running on all drinks and food from 10am-2pm.  Come enjoy the game on our high-definition televisions while you enjoy a cold beer and hot food.