Congratulations 15 Black on winning an Open Division Bronze Medal

Jr. Volleyball Team

The City Beach Volleyball Club is one of the few clubs in Northern California to have its own facility, our Santa Clara City Beach. This Santa Clara facility has 5 courts and a weight room, and it is the primary practice location for the all City Beach teams.   The club has administrative staff working all year, but the club season begins with tryouts in November and ends about July for the end-of-season tournaments – such as Junior Olympics or Festival.

Rock Climbing

Our Fremont facility offers our indoor rock climbing gym, one of the largest in the South Bay.   And don’t worry, rock climbing has something for everyone — whether you’re 4 years old or 60 years old, we’ve got everything you need to have a great time.  Where else can you climb the walls of 14,000 square foot of space — indoors?  We have a number of classesFamily Fun Nights and competitive teams, as well.

Open Court Play

Both our Fremont and Santa Clara facilities offer open play times on our indoor hard courts, complete with a professional Sport or Teraflex Court surface. Come alone or bring a group of friends with you – we’ve got courts for you to show your stuff!  Get the details in Fremont and in Santa Clara.   You can also follow our CBeachOpenPlay twitter feed for daily updates on our Fremont courts availability.

UFC Nights

In our Fremont facility, we showcase the UFC PPV Nights, broadcast on an interior wall. It’s the perfect place to watch UFC with other fans.  Check out our blog and calendar for regular updates on our upcoming UFC nights.