The results are in from the September 19 Bouldering Competition! Congratulations to all the participants, we had a blast!

Bouldering Gym

Men’s Advanced

First Place – Eric Sanchez

Second Place – Ben Parkin

Third Place – Nick Bradley

Men’s Intermediate

First Place – Lucas Klein

Second Place – Brian Kim

Third Place – Dustin Messer

Men’s Recreational

First Place – Mark Dalit

Second Place – Gautam Gupta

Third Place – David Roberts

Women’s Advanced

First Place – Sophia Lampi

Second Place – Amanda Anderson

Third Place – Jessie Conrad

Women’s Intermediate

First Place – Tabitha Enanoria

Second Place – Gelsey Plaza

Third Place – Heidi Ruscher

Women’s Recreational

First Place – Peyton Paull

Second Place – Ella Child

Third Place – Seneca Naone

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Remember that on November 14th we will be hosting our last Bouldering Competition of the year.  See below for more info.