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Two types of teams exist: those that exude teamwork and those that do not.

Ensuring that your team is continuously practicing teamwork is essential to achieving a high level of organizational success and efficiency. In the words of basketball legend Michael Jordan: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

The pillars of teamwork are: strong relationships, trust, and communication. Molding and developing a team with these attributes is well worth the effort!

So, how do you take your team to the championship level?

Practice makes perfect—so a key way to develop a teamwork mentality is to engage team members in activities that promote teamwork, specifically exercises in which every link of your team has an active role in the team’s overall success.

team building

We’ve seen success with this approach firsthand with City Beach’s High Ropes Adventures courses. The High Ropes Adventure courses are a fun, adventurous challenge for both the mind and body, and can only be successfully achieved with the full cooperation and effort of each team member. Team members work together, encourage each other, and achieve together.

Our City Beach facilitators take care of logistics by customizing a course that is ideal for your team’s size and skill level. This clears the way for your team to fully engage in working as a singular unit, so that relationship building, trust, and top-notch communications skills can be honed.

Best of all, your team will return to the workplace having gained the skills to better cooperate and communicate with each other – a win-win for all!

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Thursday, June 5th, 2014
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Photo Gallery

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Check out our photo galleries below — both of our facilities and our events. Enjoy!

Our Photo & Galleries

Our Fremont Facility

The Entertainment Hubs


Courtyard Patio


Bar & Grill *New look!*

Our Bar & Grill has had a face lift in 2012! Be sure to check out our pictures below. (The panorama is the previous decor.)


Public Events at City Beach

Family Fun Night

Karaoke Night


Social Events


Grad Nights




Corporate Events

 Ultimate Team Challenge

The Race

Games of the Olympiad

 Extreme Chef

 High Ropes Adventures

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Video Gallery

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Check out our video galleries below — both of our facilities and our events. Enjoy! (Please be patient: this page is very image heavy and could take some time to load.)

Our Video Gallery

Video Galleries

Our Fremont Facility

Rock Gym

This movie requires Flash Player 9


Team Performance Center (TPC)

This movie requires Flash Player 9


Courtyard Patio

This movie requires Flash Player 9


Bar & Grill *New look!*

Our Bar & Grill has had a face lift in 2012! Be sure to check out our pictures below. (The panorama is the previous decor.)

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Palm Court

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Party Area & Sports Courts

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Rock Club Competition Results

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

The results are in from the September 19 Bouldering Competition! Congratulations to all the participants, we had a blast!


Men’s Advanced

First Place – Eric Sanchez

Second Place – Ben Parkin

Third Place – Nick Bradley

Men’s Intermediate

First Place – Lucas Klein

Second Place – Brian Kim

Third Place – Dustin Messer

Men’s Recreational

First Place – Mark Dalit

Second Place – Gautam Gupta

Third Place – David Roberts

Women’s Advanced

First Place – Sophia Lampi

Second Place – Amanda Anderson

Third Place – Jessie Conrad

Women’s Intermediate

First Place – Tabitha Enanoria

Second Place – Gelsey Plaza

Third Place – Heidi Ruscher

Women’s Recreational

First Place – Peyton Paull

Second Place – Ella Child

Third Place – Seneca Naone

 Visit the City Beach Rock Club Facebook Page Here!

Remember that on November 14th we will be hosting our last Bouldering Competition of the year.  See below for more info.


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Small Groups Team Building

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

fun team building programs

Hang Loose for up to 15 people (Monday – Wednesday only)

Your 2-hour Hang Loose experience includes:

  • Unlimited access to gaming hubs (billiards, air hockey, shuffle board, table tennis, Foosball, & more) and Bocce Ball upon availability
  • Food & Beverage are required for this program, ask about our menu options
  • $15 per person (tax not included)
  • Enjoy our Rock Climbing Gym and Sports Courts for an additional cost


Hang Ten for up to 15 people (Monday – Wednesday only)

Your 2-hour Hang Ten experience includes:

  • A half-hour interactive team building activity, facilitated by one of our fun specialists (Customized for your group!)
  • Unlimited access to gaming hubs (billiards, air hockey, shuffle board, table tennis, Foosball, & more) and Bocce Ball upon availability
  • Food & Beverage are required for this program, ask about our menu options
  • $25 per person (tax not included)
  • Enjoy our Rock Climbing Gym and Sports Courts for an additional cost


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Steve Jobs famously said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Whether or not you’re an Apple aficionado, the insight that productivity stems from enjoyment is something to keep in mind in planning your own corporate events.

When you’re planning your next team building activity, whether it’s a weeklong corporate conference or an afternoon offsite, make sure that it’s something your employees will look forward to attending by following these tips from City Beach:

1) Give Your Employees a Say: Don’t plan your event in a silo – ask your attendees to vote on what they’d like to do for their event. Rock climbing? Wine tasting? They’ll love having a voice, and it’ll make the decision making process easier for you too!

2) Mix it Up: Did your team go on a Bocce Ball outing last year? Do something different this year! You don’t want to get into a rut, and your team will enjoy bonding over something new.

3) Spice Up the Food: How many cold cut trays and boxed lunches can anybody eat in a lifetime? Try something different, like a picnic or an ice cream bar to energize the team for the rest of the day!

4) Ask for Feedback: One thing’s for sure – there will be more corporate events in the future! Ask attendees for feedback about what worked and what didn’t work so that you can use their feedback in planning the next event.

5) Reach out to City Beach: Our event planning service staff can work with you to plan your best event yet!

Engaging your employees to participate in a team event they will love will translate to productive and great work back at the office. Happy planning!

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Kids Painting Experience

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Painting Icon

Looking for something a little different for the perfect birthday or party? Try our new Kids Painting Experience! Now kids from ages 6-18 can come and let their creativity flow. Let our knowledgeable instructor guide your party from a blank canvas to a masterpiece in about an hour’s time. All the supplies for the painting are provided for each child and they get to take home their new creation!  Choose from our library of paintings or have your own custom painting created (additional cost). No experience is necessary; all you do is show up and paint.


Recommended for all ages

$750 for up to 20 kids & 20 adults

$25 per additional child

Maximum 25 children, 25 adults

Additional Options

  • Pizza, Beverages, Fruit and Veggie Platters and more are available at an additional charge.  We do not allow outside food or beverages except for birthday cake.  We do accommodate for food allergies and dietary restrictions.
  • A Dozen Assorted Color Balloons for $15
  • Add some flair to your event! City Beach offers a variety of fabulous enhancements to make your Birthday Celebration a special and memorable occasion.  Characters, face painters, balloon artists and more available upon request.


Make a reservation by calling 510.651.2500 ext 119 or by emailing




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March Madness Mania

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014


March 16 – April 7, 2014

Happy Hour during all televised NCAA basketball games!!!

April 7 – March Madness 3-point Shot Tournament

Rules of Play

Purchase $20 minimum order from City Beach Bar and Grill from now until April 7th and save your receipt to play

Make a 3-point shot at any spot behind the yellow line and win a $100 gift certificate redeemable at City Beach Bar and Grill

Hit the rim and win a Free Hub Game play, Air Ball and you owe us $100!!! ;-)

One shot per $20 purchase (no practice shots!) Maximum two tries with minimum $40 purchase


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Team Building Partnership Programs

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Do you like chocolate?  Do your managers like wine?  Do your co-workers love to dance? City Beach has partnered with TeamBuilding Unlimited to offer fun programs that will enhance communication, relationships, self-esteem and social awareness. Your co-workers will strengthen key skills as they listen, learn, persevere, perform and/or encourage in a relaxed fun-filled environment.


All of these teambuilding events are created especially for you to reflect your company’s objectives and goals.  This includes specific jargon, culture and personalities.  The following details the new programs City Beach is offering in collaboration with TeamBuilding Unlimited.



(Can be combined as a Chocolate/Wine Pairing event)

Groups of 10-150


A tasting tour through the dynamic and turbulent history of chocolate along with instruction on how to enjoy and appreciate high-end chocolates.  Can be done as wine/chocolate pairing.



Groups of 10-200


In this amazingly fun team building activity, teams will become musical song and dance ‘experts’.  Each team will write the lyrics to a song about their group that will later be performed by each team in front of the other teams. A keyboardist will provide and accompany the teams with the melodies.


In addition, each team will be coached on dance steps and choreography to accompany their performance. Our professional musicians and choreographers will help your group explore their creative side!


Prizes will be awarded for the ‘Best’ Song and Performance.



Groups: 25- 200 participants


Mystery events start at reception and finish by the end of dessert. We recommend a plated meal. There are no real breaks in the action or the service of the meal, since your guests are encouraged (but never forced) to become the stars of the show. The microphones are actually for them, so they can get focus quickly. Of course we have actors, director, AV tech and more, plus we do prizes for the winning table.


Each table is a team, and there are usually 4-5 crimes during the course of the meal. Your guests are the detectives as well as suspects, but they’re never the victims (They would be dead and have to miss the party!) Because the event is written about the guests, they will become involved in the action. Everyone loves talking about themselves—and so many people love to be in the spotlight!



Groups of 10-200


Team Dynamics and hands-on construction create active learning and total team participation.  Teams are challenged to construct a BRIDGE that promotes leadership, communication and ingenuity. The process is grounded in both the reality and uncertainty of the task. Each team will be given specific standards that must be provided with the finished bridge that spans global ‘proportions’

Varieties of thematic and inspirational TeamBuilding activities that make use of different forms of building materials are used to create unique, stylized objects. The process of building becomes a metaphor for your corporate goals, whether it is a bridge to the future or the new company gym. BRIDGES TO THE FUTURE.  All materials and prizes provided.

contact city beach

Send us a request for more information or give us a call today: 510-651-2500

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