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Call it strange, call it ironic, or call it funny – the most challenging aspect of making a corporate setup successful is also the most challenging one – it’s team building! Think of the number of start-ups that begin with less than a dozen team members and before you know it, are floating their IPOs in the publically traded markets. What enables these miracle start-ups to grow so significantly in such short times?

It’s team building. Think about the one factor that can achieve all your workplace and business goals – right from the facilitation of a fantastic workplace environment to the impetus you seek in the revenue registers – it is team work.

Of course, you’re doing your bit to grow your teams into cohesive units. But, the big question – why take half measures for something so momentous? Why not delegate the all-important activity of connecting people together and strengthening teams to those who know the ins and outs of the science? Here are some irrefutable reasons that warrant an allocation out of your company’s training and development budget:

Best returns on time and effort

Even if you don’t factor in the efforts you’ll need to invest to overcome the inertia in the team, there’s hardly any comparison between the two alternatives. Just three small steps separate you from workgroups that are blessed with the skills of teamwork. Identify the top team building professional services (which is as simple as Googling ‘Santa Clara corporate team building’, or ‘Fremont team building activities experts’, etc.), ask for a presentation, and take your team on the decided day to the team building venues! Keep the focus on operations and enable professionals to deliver team building results.

Avoid ill-desired roadblocks and challenges

Expert team building professionals know the challenges in the way of success inside out, which enables them to proactively work towards ensuring the achievement of the desired results from the team building endeavors. Don’t let show-stopping challenges take the fizz out of your company’s all important team building activities, let experts do it.

Leverage the knowledge and experience of masters of the art and science of team building

Team building is a blend of science and art, and that’s what makes it difficult to undertake team building exercises with success. However, for professionals who invest ample amount of time in understanding the tenets of successful team building are equipped with the necessary skills that can facilitate team building for your company.

External team building professionals enjoy more receptiveness

Expect your teams to take the exercises with all seriousness when you send across the message of 3rd party team building professional being brought in for the same. This really opens up their receptors, which augers well for the success of the team building efforts.

Build your organization’s team building knowledge assets

Once you have professional 3rd party team building experts work their magic, you can be smart enough to identify some broad lessons from their service delivery and make them a part of your in-house team development arsenal. That’s what really makes your investment in team building services successful.

Stronger teams make stronger companies

Friday, January 9th, 2015

Just as atoms make up the physical world, the corporate world is intricately fashioned by varied teams that function at different levels with a common, ultimate goal in sight – the betterment of their respective companies. It cannot be denied that the difference between success and failure is a great team. Every team, in its unrefined state, is a reservoir of untapped potential. The members of a team have distinct, sometimes vastly differing personalities. In order for the team to achieve optimum results, the members need to complement one another. They need to put aside their differences, look past their disagreements and focus on the functioning of the team.

A good team is like a well oiled machine, all parts working in perfect harmony, free from friction. The refinement that characterizes a good team comes in the form of team spirit – An eclectic blend of trust, communion, camaraderie and effective communication called team spirit; the gel that binds individuals with varied potentials. This all important team spirit needs to be enhanced by team building activities.

In the words of Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. This simple quote epitomizes the very essence of success in the corporate world. In a tight race to the finish, it is no secret that the company that emerges victorious has the best teams. A fast paced, increasingly competitive economy has made corporate team building absolutely indispensable. To increase productivity, it is crucial to promote team spirit among the members.

One way to do this is by organizing short getaways at regular intervals, encouraging team members to participate in fun team building activities that require them to channel their abilities together in order to complete a task. It is easy to unfairly relegate such activities as being juvenile; but all they do is release the inner child in everyone. Most importantly, they go a long way in imparting a sense of oneness to the participants. With a common target in mind, participants collaborate effectively to accomplish the goal, sharing necessary encouragement along the way. When they apply the same spirit to their professional environment, they grow as a team and the company becomes stronger.

City beach, a unique Santa Clara team building venue is a forerunner in adding a fresh perspective to the usual corporate team building activities. We even modify the activities to suit the size of your team. The sheer variety of events to choose at this venue gets rid of the monotony often associated with corporate outings. At this one of a kind Fremont team building venue, you can choose from activities such as wine tastings, flash mobs, table games, rock climbing, beach picnics and many other options! Add to that some delicious food and drink, you are on the course to building a dream team and creating some beautiful memories! To ensure things move smoothly, our event planning service can help with the organizing of the outing. All these features converge to make City Beach the most perfect team building venue.

After an enriching and enjoyable experience at our venue, your employees will be eager to lend the same enthusiasm to their jobs, effectively increasing their productivity. Come to City Beach and go back content with a stronger team!

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they’re doing. – Dale Carnegie

As people start to spend more of their waking life at the workplace their feelings about the work environment directly affect their mental state and thereby quality of life.

There is a small but growing body of research on fun and how it boosts well-being at the workplace. Studies have found that being able to connect with co-workers while doing fun group activities increases an employee’s positive feelings and improves the quality of their work life.

So do you need to install a slide or a rock-climbing wall to get your employees to have more fun at the workplace? Not really.

Experts say that getting employees out of the office for corporate events provides them with more opportunities for bonding and collaboration. They get to see new sides of the people they work with and learn to be more appreciative of each other.

And this understanding does not end when they get back to the workplace. Companies are finding that these corporate bonding events at external venues have a lasting effect and are likely to enhance cooperation back at the organization.

As leading experts in corporate team building events, we at City Beach believe that play is a key factor in improving an individual’s quality of life as well as in helping teams bond.

At our Fremont and Santa Clara venues, companies can choose from a range of fun group activities that include sports, wine tasting or just hanging out at the beach together. All of which are known to improve trust and communication among team members.

City Beach facilitators work with you to maximize the potential of your corporate event and create one that meets your organizational needs and that all your employees will enjoy. With apologies to Dale Carnegie, when people have fun in what they are doing, everyone succeeds!

Happy Hour Specials

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Join us for Happy Hour Monday thru Friday, 3pm-7pm and Saturday, 11am-3pm!

Happy Hour Table tent

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Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

“Thanks for a great day…everything went smoothly and the young man helping us was SO helpful!”

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Team Building

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

“Thanks so much for your help on our last week’s off-site. I got a lot of great feedback from my team about this event.”

-Chi Yi(Ebay)

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Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

“WOW! Thank you very, very much for helping me plan/coordinate my husband’s 50th birthday. It was a BLAST!!!!”

- June F.

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Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

“I just wanted to THANK YOU for a great party on Friday. The venue was impeccable, food was great and Travis and another gentleman..”

- Jyothi

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Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Thanks for joining the San Francisco Giants Neon Light Raffle!

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Halloween Parties

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Halloween Parties at City Beach!


Your 3-hour Party package includes:

  • A reserved event space for your group
  • An Event Host to handle your every need
  • A private Gaming Hub with Billiards, Foosball, Air Hockey, Ping Pong and Shuffle Board

Pricing: $500 (up to 30 guests)

Additional guests are $15 per person

Pricing does not include tax and facility fee.
A food and beverage per person minimum is required.
Please ask about our menu options.

Want a really special Halloween celebration? Consider karaoke, a henna tattoo artist, a chocolate fountain, DJs and/or a full-service barClick here to request more information or call 510.651.2500.

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