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Team Building

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

“Thanks so much for your help on our last week’s off-site. I got a lot of great feedback from my team about this event.”

-Chi Yi(Ebay)

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Social Events

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

“WOW! Thank you very, very much for helping me plan/coordinate my husband’s 50th birthday. It was a BLAST!!!!”

- June F.

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Kids’ Birthdays

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

“I just wanted to THANK YOU for a great party on Friday. The venue was impeccable, food was great and Travis and another gentleman..”

- Jyothi

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Raffle Confirmation

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Thanks for joining the San Francisco Giants Neon Light Raffle!

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Bollywood Flash Mob

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014


Bollywood Flash Mob at the Beach

Two options:

Option 1:  – On the day of event the Bollywood dance teacher will provide instruction and lead the group in a variety of Bollywood dances to various Bollywood songs.  The dances are simple, easy to follow and fun for all ages.  There will be 30 minutes of continuous dancing.

Option 2 :   - This option is can be enjoyed by up to four groups.  Up to four videos can be provided with different dance moves in advance so that guests can prepare for the Flash Mob. Once at City Beach, additional instruction will be provided and questions answered.  The real fun happens when all the dance moves are combined.  Instructor will supply the music, coordinate the different groups, and give the lessons!

Give us a call at 510.651.2500 or click here to request more information!


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Halloween Parties

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Halloween Parties at City Beach!


Your 3-hour Party package includes:

  • A reserved event space for your group
  • An Event Host to handle your every need
  • A private Gaming Hub with Billiards, Foosball, Air Hockey, Ping Pong and Shuffle Board

Pricing: $500 (up to 30 guests)

Additional guests are $15 per person

Pricing does not include tax and facility fee.
A food and beverage per person minimum is required.
Please ask about our menu options.

Want a really special Halloween celebration? Consider karaoke, a henna tattoo artist, a chocolate fountain, DJs and/or a full-service barClick here to request more information or call 510.651.2500.

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Birthdays for Adults

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Celebrate your birthday at City Beach!

Birthday Party in Office

Your 3-hour Party package includes:

  • A reserved event space for your group
  • An Event Host to handle your every need
  • A private Gaming Hub with Billiards, Foosball, Air Hockey, Ping Pong and Shuffle Board

Want a really special birthday celebration? Consider karaoke, a henna tattoo artist, a chocolate fountain, DJs and/or a full-service bar!  Click here for more ideas to make your special occasion memorable!

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Diwali – Festival of Lights

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014


Festival of Lights


Is your company’s focus to embrace diversity?  Diwali, “the festival of lights” is a very important celebration in India similar to the holiday celebrations in the USA.  In the Hindu mythology, Diwali signifies the return of Lord Rama with his wife Sita and brother Laxman from fourteen years of exile.  The Diwali celebration is about good winning over evil.

City Beach is excited to offer two packages (below) to make your Diwali celebration festive and fun.  We can also provide Bollywood dancers, a Bollywood DJ, Rangoli plus Indian food caterers. Call us at (510) 651-2500 so we can plan a memorable celebration for you.

Hang Loose – Diwali Festival

Your 3-hour experience includes: a reserved event space for your group, an event host to handle your every need, plus a private gaming hub with Billiards, Foosball, Air Hockey, Ping Pong, and Shuffle Board.

Our outdoor bocce patio offers breathtaking mountain views, tranquil fountains, and spectacular twinkle lights (perfect for a Diwali celebration) to help set a relaxing atmosphere.

Hang Ten – Diwali Festival

Need something different to build camaraderie and employee relations?  Come to City Beach and have a Diwali celebration.  Every group has a unique personality as well as different cultures, age ranges, languages and sizes.  Let City Beach customize your Diwali celebration so that everyone in your group has a wonderful time.  Our programs are tailored to be either purely fun or competitive, or a bit of both.

Your 3 hour experience will include:

  • A 60 minute interactive program customized for your group, with activities to fit your group’s personality.
 Possibilities include creative games, activities, sports tournaments, mechanical surf competition, table game tournaments and more.
  • A City Beach® Facilitator to guide the group
  • A Reserved Event Space for the duration of your event
  • An Event Host to cater to your needs.
  • A private Gaming Hub with Billiards, Foosball, Air Hockey, Ping Pong and Shuffle Board.
  • Rock Climbing on one of our 30 foot rock climbing walls (Fremont only)
  • Sports courts in your event space (Based on availability)
  • Optional Add-on: Add victory medals or small prize packs for the winning team(s).
A Diwali celebration would not be complete unless it included fun games to play. City Beach can provide a number of suggestions.  See our list of games below or ask us what fun games make sense for your team.


Sports Themed Games


No matter the size of your teams, EVERYONE can play and are sure to have a great time. Traditional rules do not apply. Play the ball off of the wall, off the ceiling and hit it as many times as needed to get the ball to the other side of the net. Not a good volleyball server? That’s ok because in this game you can kick serve too! This is a big time favorite that everyone loves!


A true sports classic!  It’s a race to eliminate the other team as quickly as possible.  All ages are welcomed!


For those basketball enthusiasts, try your hand at scoring as many free throw points as possible within the time limit.


A competitive game of badminton with a little twist!  Once you hit the birdie, you must pass off your racket to the next person in line.  Can your team juggle its rackets and keep that birdie flying?

Company Picnic Style Games


Get the team moving and racing to line up in order according to the challenge criteria. Line up as fast as you can by your name alphabetically, by your shoe size, by the value of your 401k…ok maybe not the 401k, but you get the point; a great warm up activity to get the juices flowing


Each team member has a piece of the pipe. Can you stand together to deliver a marble through the human pipeline? This one isn’t as easy as it seems. There are guidelines to follow and restrictions to abide by. You may just be making a few trips back to the drawing board to figure this one out. A great activity for analytical minds.


What is a buddy walker? Picture a giant set of snow skis that four people can stand on at the same time. Then picture your team trying to race to the finish line on those skis. It’s classic fun.


You think this sounds easy?  Just wait until we up the challenge by adding a few more hoops to that hula of yours!


Pass the hoop down the line and pass your body through the hoop. Seems easy, right? Not while holding hands with people on both sides of you.  Can you get the hula hoop from one end of the line to the other without breaking hands?


One volunteer from the team will step forward to be blindfolded while the rest of the team will use only their voices to guide their blind buddy to all of the balloons laid out in the gaming area. Find all the balloons and pop them before your opponent and you win!


A fast-paced, relay race with a touch of silliness!  One at a time, your team must quickly dress themselves with the appropriate tourist wardrobe and run to the their nearest partner.  Did we mention that this must be done in a potato sack?  Good luck!

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New Bar & Restaurant Menu

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Paul Chan presents City Beach’s New Menu!

Our new Food and Beverage Director Paul Chan has been testing and tasting to create a delectable City Beach food experience. Click here Click here to see the new menu!

Below is a couple of the new additions:

Small Bites

City Beach Wild Style Fries

Fries top with cheese, chopped bacon, fresh herbs, green onions and aioli


Wraps & Sandwiches

Pastrami Sandwich

Grilled pastrami, melted Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing on onion bun.

Pizzas & Pasta

Design your own Pizza

With mushroom, bell pepper, olive, pineapple, ham, pepperoni, chicken, and beef options



Chicken Salsiccia

Sautéed chicken breast topped with Italian sausage, dice pepperoni, basil with a touch of cream sauce served with mushroom risotto and seasonal vegetables.


Mango Raspberry Cheese Cake

Rich creamy mango and raspberry cheesecake tangles together and topped with a refreshing mango puree.


Check out our updated Beer, Wine, and Cocktails selections here!

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Summer Sipping

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Summer Sipping – Spiced Cranberry Cherry Sangria with St. Germain

The weather is hot. Time to cool off with some delicious Sangria!

city beach fremont sangria recipe

Sangria is easy to make, but not all Sangria is created equal. There are many variations available on the web. Here are a few tips to make your Sangria great!

Start with a wine varietal that you love. The wine you use as your base can be inexpensive, but don’t use a wine you wouldn’t drink a glass of. It’s ok to use wine that has been open for a few days, but avoid flawed wines that are corked (smells like wet cardboard) oxidized (smells like Sherry) or wines that have turned to vinegar. If it does not smell “right”, toss it. Your nose knows!

Spiced Cranberry Cherry Sangria with St. Germain

1 bottle Pinot Noir or Grenache
2 cups Ocean Spray Cranberry-Cherry juice
¼ cup thawed frozen orange juice – (leave concentrated)
3 shots St Germaine (Elderflower liqueur)
¼ c spiced simple syrup (See recipe below)
1 cup club soda
1 orange, sliced and cut into quarters (2 if you would like to garnish with an Orange slice)
1 lime, sliced and cut into quarters
Fresh Cherries with stems for garnish


Pour your wine into a Sangria Pitcher or bowl – I like to use my 8 cup measuring bowl. Add Cranberry Cherry juice.

TIP: When adding fruit juice to the wine, add half the recipe calls for and taste. Juices can be very sweet and too much will take your Sangria from zesty to cloying. A cup or two of most fruit juices can go a long way.

city beach cranberry cherry juice bay area sangria preparation

Add club soda, St. Germain, orange juice concentrate (thawed) and strained spiced simple syrup

sangria preparation santa clara fremont sangria summer sipping city beach fremont sangria preparation bay area sangria summer sipping


Slice Lime and Lemon into wedges and add to Sangria

city beach spicy sangria sangria spicy syrup preparation fremont

Taste, taste, taste!

TIP: If you would like it sweeter, add an additional ¼ cup spiced simple syrup. If you would like it a bit more tart, add 1/4c lemon or lime juice. If you would like it slightly less concentrated, add ½c club soda.

Spiced Simple Syrup

1 cup sugar
2 cups water
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cinnamon sticks
Tbs Anise seed
Tbs whole cloves


Add 1cup sugar and 2 cups water to a small sauce pan. Stir over medium heat until sugar is dissolved. Add vanilla extract, 2 cinnamon sticks, anise seed, whole cloves. Cook combined ingredients over medium heat for 10 min. Strain, cool before adding it to the Sangria.

TIP: Spiced simple syrup can be stored in the refrigerator for future use.

I hope you enjoy my favorite Sangria recipe!

Until next time,

The Mod Somm

city beach sangria recipe


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