Welcome to City Beach — The Bay Area’s One of A Kind Family Recreation, Sports and Corporate Event Center

Every day we find our true brand is about enriching the lives of those who walk through our doors.  Whether it’s creating a corporate event or team building experience that exceeds your expectations or providing a warm Rock Gym community to welcome you, your needs, experiences and your enjoyment remain our top priority.  We strive to bring you the best each and every time you come (and then top that the next time!)

Looking for a great space for your next corporate or social event?  We work with hundreds of companies to create any kind of event, from corporate events, business meetings, off-site meetings, tradeshows, to weddings and more. And if you haven’t tried it yet,  TEAM BUILDING is our specialty.

Looking for something to do? Got Kids? We’ve got them covered, from rock climbing classes to Family Fun Night to the perfect spot for your little one’s next birthday partyAdults? We’ve got plenty for you to do, as well. Looking for an afternoon of fun with your family? Rock climbing, table games, and a great meal await you.  Sports fan?  Get more information on our gold-medal winning Juniors Volleyball team,  watch your favorite team  play on our HD Tvs or play a pickup game on our Open Court days.  Thrill seeker?  Test your skills in our Fremont facility with our Rock Climbing gym or the High Ropes Thrill Quest – or test your mettle in one of our team challenges for your next work or social event.  Check out our site, or give us a call today to find out all that City Beach has to offer you.